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For Christmas 2022

Flavours will be announced around September, when you can make your decision on Size & Flavour.

Please note no Cream will be used as Decoration for this year, so if you require Cream you can add it as a pot to your order.

Below are the The Sizes and Prices for Christmas 2022

6″ Smally Family feeds 6 £18

8″ Large Family Feeds 12 £28

A Non refundable Booking Fee invoice of £10 per cheesecake will be emailed to confirm your booking.

Should you need to cancel please notify me in writing no later than 1st December 2022.

The Balance will be due by 9th December 2022, a seperate invoice will be emailed.

Please Note: this year I am only offering collection.

I may choose to offer delivery later and this may incur an additional charge

Photo are for illustration purposes only, your cheesecake will vary in appearance.

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